Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What did Margarita Madrigal's contemporaries say about her teaching?

Stanton Griffis
(Ambassador to Spain and Argentina)

"When I was faced with the task of learning Spanish in a few weeks Madrigal came to my rescue with her remarkable method and I found myself speaking Spanish with ease and pleasure”.

Ben Grauer
(Radio and TV Commentator)

"I have obtained a definite working ability with Spanish very rapidly through this new method." 

“Last time I was in Mexico City, I conducted a quarter-hour television interview entirely in Spanish. It was Miss Madrigal’s method that made this possible for me.”

Stanton Delaplane
(Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist)

“Margarita Madrigal is the best language teacher I have ever read.”

Alice Marble
(World Tennis Champion)

"It is surprising to find how easily and how naturally the language unfolds through the use of this unique method of teaching."

Dr. Eden Ryl
(Behavioral Psychologist and Author)

"I found this method to be a godsend when I was faced with the task of learning German in a few weeks."

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  1. I hope you keep updating this blog. I have been trying to find any information at all on Madrigal for a few years. Not being in the US has probably made it harder or impossible. So, this is a great resource for those interested in a lost chapter in the development of pedegogy.